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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Timor-Leste Legal News April 2008 (Part 6)

FRETILIN Media Release: FRETILIN rejects ceremony to receive rebels


FRETILIN rejects ceremony to receive rebels

The FRETILIN parliamentary group yesterday rejected participating in a ceremony to receive the rebel group led by Gastao Salsinha, saying the rebels should have faced the courts first, rather than be presented at the government palace.

The Salsinha group is linked to the alleged attack on the de facto Prime Minister on February 11, 2008.

The leader of the FRETILIN parliamentary group, Aniceto Guterres, made this clear in response to media questions. Mario Carrascalao, the Social Democratic Party leader and Member of Parliament, is also believed to have refused to attend the ceremony.

"This ceremony organized by the AMP de facto government is inappropriate. It portrays a negative image of our nation state. We cannot treat rebels in the same way we would undertake a family ceremony or a traditional ceremony. We must treat these questions of state with much more seriousness. These actions have diminished the dignity of our nation state," said Guterres.

According to Guterres these rebels should be immediately presented to the justice authorities and processed accordingly. Guterres added that as a state under the rule of law all those who violate the law are answerable to the courts and not political figures.

"The AMP de facto government has organized a reception ceremony whilst ignoring the warrants for the immediate apprehension of these rebels allegedly responsible for engaging in serious criminal action against this state. From what we hear, the rebel Salsinha and his group did not even formally surrender to authorities yesterday, but were permitted to participate in a public ceremony that was a charade. It was simply a farce for political gain."

Guterres also added: "FRETILIN views this undignified attitude by the state as projecting a negative image to our people and will only promote disrespect for the law and the constitution. It is also a blatant display by those who govern Timor-Leste today of their lack of respect for the rule of law."

Guterres said in closing that once again the FRETILIN parliamentary group congratulated the Joint Operation Command for the success in bringing the rebels to heel and acknowledged the personal efforts by Gastao Salsinha and his group as citizens of Timor-Leste to peacefully submit themselves to justice.

For further information please call Nilva Guimaraes in Dili: +670 7340389
UNMIT Press Release 29 APril 2008 SRSG Khare welcomes Salsinha surrender


SRSG Khare welcomes Salsinha surrender, calls for renewed efforts to strengthen rule of law in Timor-Leste

Today in Dili, a dozen armed fugitives wanted in connection with the attacks of 11 February formally handed themselves over to the authorities. These attacks threatened Timor-Leste, and I share the feelings of the entire community in welcoming the peaceful submission of Gastão Salsinha and his men. They must now face justice.
The people of Timor-Leste and their leaders deserve praise for the calm manner in which the events of these past months have been handled, in accordance with the Constitution and applicable laws. The lessons learned should serve to strengthen the security institutions in their endeavours at enhanced professionalism and service to the community. I urge the people of Timor-Leste to work together, and with renewed determination, towards the goals of a peaceful, prosperous, and stable nation, securely anchored in a culture of democracy, rule of law, and respect for human rights.

UNMIT Daily Media Review 29 April 2008

Lasama: The State of Siege is nearly over in Ermera district – President of National Parliament Fernando de Araujo Lasama said that the State of Siege has almost finished as Salsinha and his men are willing to surrender and able to collaborate with the justice system. The Apprehension Operation will continue to search for weapons. "I went to Ermera and met Salsinha on Saturday (26/4). He said that he was ready to surrender and collaborate with justice,"said the President of the National Parliament, Fernando de Araujo Lasama on Monday (28/4) at National Parliament. "As a Timorese I am very proud of the decision that Salsinha made because he has learnt and become aware of how to solve the problems,“ he added. Regarding the State of Siege in Ermera, the President of National Parliament said that the Apprehension Operation will be stopped once they are certain that Salsinha and all of his men have surrendered and there no weapons still at large. (Timor Post)

IDPs in the National Hospital IDP camp ready to return home – The IDPs in the National Hospital IDP camp say that they are ready to return home. However, the decision from the Government side is taking more time. "As citizens, we would like to go home in order to participate in a development for our nation and not continue living under the tents just doing nothing. Therefore, we need to go home if Government can solve our problem immediately," said one of IDPs on Monday (28/4) at National Hospital camp. A Timor Post journalist observed that some of the IDPs have packed their belongings and are waiting a decision from the Government.   (Timor Post)

Prosecutor-General: Salsinha and his men will surrender today – Prosecutor-General Longuinhos Monteiro said that Salsinha and 13 of his men are going to hand themselves to the State on Sunday (29/4) Gastão Salsinha and his men are under heavy guard at a house in the country's mountainous interior and will be escorted by truck to the capital Dili on Tuesday to formally surrender to the State," said PGR Monteiro on Monday (28/4) at the Office of Prosecutor-General. Meanwhile the PGR added that the investigation into February 11 attacks has resulted in a total of 24 people being accused of involvement in the assassination attempts against the nation's top two leaders. The investigation will continue. (Diaario Nasional)

Minister Hasan Wirayusda together with Timorese Ambassador to Indonesia Ovidio de Jesus Amaral at Jakarta airport on Monday (28/4). (Diaario Nasional)

Maria Paixão: State needs to be responsible for stopping human trafficking – PSD MP Maria Paixão said the responsibility for stopping human trafficking in the country of Timor-Leste, is in the hands of the State. "It is crucial to stop human trafficking in Timor-Leste. Therefore, all parties including the Government, Parliament and all others to work together in order to stop human trafficking activities facing this nation," said PSD MP Maria Paixão at National Parliament. (Diaario Nasional)

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